Merseyside play their second Count Championship game against Staffordshire at 2p.m. on Sunday 2nd June 2024 at Eccleston BC, Knowsley Road, St. Helens. WA10 4PX The home and away teams are as follows :
At Eccleston BC

Andy Hayes (Eccleston Lane Ends) v Nathan Dawes (Dudley Dell)
Wayne Ditchfield (Birchley St Mary’s) v David East (Stile)
Ryan Semmens (Birchley St Mary’s) v Reece Farr (Stile)
Kevin Kearns (Eccleston Lane Ends) v Mark Jones (Willenhall Nordley)
Tex Allen (Windle) v Aaron Tapper (M & B Cheslyn Hay)
John Dalziel (Windle) v Dan Davies (Woodman Mount Pleasant)
Matty Gartside (Birchley St Mary’s) v Darrell Handley (Penn)
Liam McEgan (Windle) v Owen Evans (Willenhall Nordley)
Phil Aspinall (Windle) v Glynn Storer (Windmill)
Carl Doyle (Windle) v Craig Cartwright (Dudley Dell)
James Whalley (Gladstone) v Dave Semper (Willenhall Nordley)
George Curran (Windle) v Danny Statham (Stile)

AT Rugeley Prog. WS15 2JL
Kevin Hocknull (Willenhall Nordley) v Phil Lee (Birchley St Mary’s)
Scott Simpson (Willenhall Nordley) v Matty Gilmore (New Brighton Quarry Vikings)
Jack Hill (M & B Cheslyn Hay) v Stephen Glover (Liverpool CC)
Dan Bodley (Willenhall Nordley) v Chris Barton (New Brighton Quarry Vikings)
Stuart Edwards (Victoria Park) v Danny Barwise (Birchley St Mary’s)
Spencer McCarthy (Willenhall Nordley) v Owen Turner (New Brighton Quarry Vikings)
Callum Bray (Willenhall Nordley) v Dave McDermott (Tixall)
Chris Ward (Victoria Park) v Nick Burridge (Gladstone)
Kevin Handley (Windmill) v Josh Bunting (New Brighton Quarry Vikings)
Ian Roles (Windmill) v Mike Tunstall (Gladstone)
Cody Everitt (M & B Cheslyn Hay) v Anthony Thompson (Manor Road)
Gordon Hawkins (Victoria Park) v Robbie Fitzpatrick (Lever Club)