Item re DBS Certificates

Dear All

We have booked the large room at the Mossley Hill Athletic Club for Monday 11th April from 7.30pm.

We will be there to arrange for those Safeguarding Officers whose DBS Certificates are due for renewal to attend and complete the necessary forms for renewal.

If Clubs have changed their Safeguarding Officer then the new person should also attend and complete the required forms to obtain a DBS Certificate.

There is no charge for the renewal or issue of new certificates.

Would you please advise your Clubs and Safeguarding Officers of this.

They will need to bring with them the following:-
Black Ink Pen
Driving Licence
Proof of National Insurance Number
Proof of date of birth (eg. driving licence, passport or birth certificate)
Proof of home address (eg. driving licence or utility bill)

Whilst we are there Pat Crowther will be attendance and she will have the BCGBA Handbooks for distribution and all Club Secretaries are asked to call in and collect them.

If anyone is having difficulty with the Mossley Hill date or venue then I will be at the Unison Club in St Helens on Tuesday 22nd March from 7.30pm for people to renew their DBS Certificates or for new Safeguarding Officers to apply for their first certificate.

Please advise all concerned.

Roy Cooke
Safeguarding Officer
Merseyside CCGBA
mobile 07990 764143