For the first time since 1995 Merseyside have reached the final of the BCGBA Inter County Championship. This will be played at the Carr Mill Hotel, East Lancashire Road, St.Helens, WA11 9AD at 2p.m. on Sunday 1st September 2019. Admission to the green is free and a good attendance is anticipated. Their opponents on this occasion will be Warwick and Worcester the holders of the trophy who have been successful in this event on 6 occasions in the last 9 years. The 12 players to represent Merseyside at this venue are :- Kevin Kearns, Andy Hayes, Anthony Gartside, Terry Glover, Peter Jones, Tex Allen, Craig Taylor, Liam McEgan, Mike Tunstall, Matty Gartside, George Curran and Robbie Hall.

At Carr Mill
At Birmingham
Kevin Kearns 19.21Mat Gilmore14.21
Andy Hayes 17.21Phil Lee21.1
Ant Gartside 18.21Danny Barwise12.21
Terry Glover 11.21Chris Barton12.21
Peter Jones 21.16Ian Sherbrooke21.17
Tex Allen 21.16Owen Turner12.21
Dave Carter 21.19Mick Andrews21.18
Liam McEgan 21.19James Fitzpatrick14.21
Mike Tunstall 21.17Nick Burridge11.21
Mat Gartside 14.21Robbie Fitzpatrick21.19
George Curran 21.07Anthony Thompson11.21
Robbie Hall 21.17Dave McDermott17.21

Merseyside413War & Worcs448