2019 County Competitions

Competition dates and entry forms are published below. Please click on the competition name to access further details.

Team Competitions:

Club Championship

Ladies Club Championship

Len Standen Trophy

Individual Competitions:

Jim Parry Veterans’ Merit

Reminder to all entrants in the Jim Parry that the venue for this event has been moved to: Richmond BC, Richmond Park, Liverpool, L6 5AB. The event is still commencing at 12noon on Friday 5th July 2019.

Junior Merit

Ladies Best of the Rest

Ladies Merseyside Merit

Ladies Veterans’ Merit (Held Friday 03 May 2019, Albany BC) – Winner: Sue Lewis, Runner-up: Hazel Morgan

Merseyside Merit (Held Saturday 25 May 2019, Windle BC) – Winner: Kevin Kearns, Runner-up: Dave McDermott. (Last 8: Mark Holden 14 Chris Barton 21, Jamie Fitzpatrick 13 Dave McDermott 21, Liam McEgan 11 Mark Myles 21, Cliff Massey 17 Kevin Kearns 21. Semi-Finalists: Chris Barton 18 Dave McDermott 21, Mark Myles 07 Kevin Kearns 21. Final: Dave McDermott 12 Kevin Kearns 21).

Pairs Competitions:

Junior Pairs

The Junior Pairs competition was not held this year.

Mavis Dearden Ladies Pairs

Qualifying Events:

Centenary Mixed Pairs Qualifier

Dorothy Piearce Pairs Qualifier

Jack and Jean Isherwood Qualifier

The qualifier for this event is Mark Myles. He will now represent Merseyside at Prees Cricket and Bowling Club on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

BCG Ladies Merit Qualifier

The qualifiers for this event are Nicola Gilmore, Lynsey Gorman and Anita Richardson. They will now represent Merseyside at the BCG Ladies Merit Finals at Windle B.C. on Saturday 13th July 2019.